DPX file name Timecode Problems.

Hello everyone. I am doing comps where there is media as DPX_NAME.10029.dpx through DPX_NAME.14029.dpx and stuff that is DPX_NAME.TIMECODE.DPX.

Nuke wants to only put those clips on the timeline at the DPX sequences timecode? How can I push these clips so even though their fame number or timecode is a certain sequence say 15000-150100. They are at my timelines frame 1-100?? If I change the "frame range" on the read node, to say 1 – 100 it says the frames aren’t there, because it thinks the clip wants to start on frame 15000.

How do I do this?? In SHAKE we had an in and out range, even if the frame number or timecode didn’t correlate to that..


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