Joel Ledbetter

Illustration, paint and vinyl toys from talented L.A based character designer Joel Ledbetter.

Talking about training …

Hi everyone,

eyeon announced its new SoftWare Artist Training (SWAT) program today. You can read the news here:


We’d be thrilled to hear from artists on training. Why is it important to you (or not)? What things work best in learning? If you have any thoughts, or good stories to tell about your own training experiences, please fire them over!

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Mathieu Gerard: Steel Life

For his master thesis at Arts et Technologies de l’Image, Mathieu Gérard created “Steel Life,” a breathtaking tapestry of textures and light that evokes themes of genesis and rebirth.

While there’s no obvious narrative, the film uses abstract realism—lovingly rendered imagery inspired by nature—to build an associative network of ideas. The lush soundtrack, composed by Mathieu Alvado and performed by the Star Pop Orchestra, adds a dramatic arc to the film.

Also check out the breakdowns in Gérard’s making-of film.

“Steel Life” will be screened at F5.

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Escape Studios and living in London


I’m booked onto the Compositing course at Escape Studios so I’m in the process of looking for somewhere to live.

As I expected I have found loads of places available for rent online but I don’t really know much about the areas surrounding Escape Studios/Shepherds Bush.

I was wondering if anyone who has taken a course at Escape, or has any knowledge of the surrounding areas would be able to give any advice?

I appreciate this is quite a broad question but I’m grateful for any info/advice you can give, as I don’t really know where to start.



Vector scope in fusion

whats the vectorscope subview???
were i can use it???
whats the 3d historigram and what for i would use it????………
pls help me???

Multiply node gives a slightly darker result.

Hi, Nuke’s multiply node seems to give me a slightly darker result.
Anyone knows why?

What i have are 3 original targa images; A, B and C.
C will be a resultant of B multiplied by A.

In Nuke, when I multiply B by A, the result is slightly different from C as in its a bit darker.

So i use after effect to double check by doing the same thing and I got the result i expected. o_O"

ps: posted this in another forum

Can somebody help me out with Syntheyes?

Hi there,

I have a problem with Syntheyes. Setting up the coordinate system just don’t seem to give me good results…The objects keeps sliding over the floor. If someone wants to help me with this problem you can add me:

Thanks alot already,

How to add DCRaw to my “Path” for Nuke OS X

I have successfully installed dcraw via terminal in OS X
Now after attempting to place in a read node, Nuke is telling to me to make sure that my dcraw install is "In my Path"

1. What does that mean?
2. How do I do that?
3. Once this is solved are there any tips on how to implement dcraw to it full functionality via nuke or is that automatically taken care of by Nuke.

I have run a "man" command in terminal and it came up, but I wasn’t able to glean the info I needed to solve this

Making of the Prince

A frog is not a complicated character and it has it’s certain charm and I modeled using Maya and ZBrush

Smoke Operator

A London based studio is currently looking for a senior Smoke operator who has a wealth of experience in commercials especially with time line editing, DVE effects, keying, titling, audio and colour correction as well as clocking and laying commercials off to digi SD and HD formats.

closes: 31 May 2009