21-19 Finally Launch.

21-19 Launch

Melbourne based multidisciplinary studio 21-19 have finally launched their site, full of a plethora of delightful print, motion and even some interactive work.

There is a consistently thoughtful and elegant approach to the way 21-19 execute their work that I find massively appealing. A prime example is their self-promotional and award-winning short film ‘In Motion’. A visual homage to the great game of table tennis/ping pong/after work exercise, it is beautifully composed and paced, with a wonderful sequence of vignettes that reveal layers of gorgeous fluid motion behind a game that can be played with a beer in one hand. The ending – which I won’t spoil – is especially effective, almost like the piece is applauding itself for a job well done. 

I’m only disappointed that there is no direct link/download option for the motion pieces. And that I’m currently on the wrong continent to play ping-pong with the crew.

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21-19 Finally Launch.

7th Annual VES Awards

Tickets and sponsorships for the 7th Annual VES Awards are now available. The Awards are to be held on 21 February 2009 at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, Beverly Hills. Kennedy/Marshall and Phil Tippett will be honored at the event.

Variety on practical fx

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20 Typefaces of 2008

Font Shops 20 Typefaces of 2008

Behind the scenes of Coraline

Motionographer has some info about how to view behind the scenes videos at the website for Henry Selick’s Coraline.

The strange flip book world of Cult.

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Based on a music video for Dutch group Kraak & Smaak, the same directors have repurposed the flip-book-meets-real-world concept for this series of idents for Fox owned Italian channel Cult.

According the channel, the idents are “an intriguing game of perspectives in which the protagonist is the claim of the channel: TV or not TV?.”

For a channel which describes itself as “curious, nonconformist and irreverent”, this trippy collection of mildy confusing idents, and an equally strange slogan all somehow works perfectly.

Kris Moyes: Beck “Youthless”

Animator and live action director Kris Moyes never ceases to amaze me—and his latest music video for Beck’s “Youthless” is no exception.

“Youthless” is pure lo-fi, stop-action magic, packed full of details and wonderful “recycled” Beck characters. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time Beck and Kris have worked together; I sure hope they do it again, Kris’ unique style and Beck’s music seem like a perfect match.

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Kris Moyes: Beck “Youthless”

nobrain: TF1 IDs

Paris-based nobrain created a staggering number of beautifully crafted idents for TF1, France’s biggest network. Each five-second clip is jam-packed with detail and fluid animation that reflect the channel’s many personalities.

I love the seemingly endless permutations of the typography. nobrain really put in a ton of extra effort on these. If you haven’t been by their site in a while, make sure to check out the Movies section, as they’ve recently updated some new work.

Production : cosa
Director : nobrain
Post Production : Sabotage
Post-producer : Benjamin Bridet
Graphists 2D : Lenoic Favard,Jeremi Clapin, Fabien ventroys,Jerome Lionard, Nicolas Bory, Duy Thien Truong, Adrien Degrivel
graphists 3D : Stephane Bève,chauki Rodesli,Marianne Cruchant,Margaux Durand-Rival, Robin Risser, Floriant Durand, laurent Guerin, Laurent Harduin

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nobrain: TF1 IDs

Endangered Liaisons, by Don Shay

Cinefex founder and publisher Don Shay has written a book, but it’s not about visual effects. Endangered Liaisons is a collection of photographs and writings on the wildlife of Africa. The book’s launch video is available here.

Chris Dane Owen’s VFX Tour de’ Force

Alright, this is just to good to be true. I can’t stop watching this and thinking to myself “This is why so many smart folks spent years of their lives conceiving of, and building computer graphics hardware and software”. It seems that the entirety of our industry has culminated into this single event. The release of Chris Dane Owen’s “Shine on Me” music video. Do you like “porn quality” lighting and costumes? How about split screen swordplay? Throw in a healthy dose of stock footage, a lime green guitar and some flying dragons that look stiffer than CG guy in a Yoga class and you’ve got yourself one heck of a…

Well, I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s 100% pure awesome. Chris’ website credits “Academy Award winning special effects artist Robert Short” as the Director. Roberts’ IMDB profile shows a long list of credits for special effects make-up and VFX work. It does not explain how the incredible Lando-style mustache that Chris wears in the video was created. I’ll keep checking the website for a special features section.

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