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Showreel for Compositing

Hi frnz,

This is my First Showreel in Compositing. i am using Eyeon Fusion, Mocha, After Effects, Combustion, Adobe Premier, Photoshop.

plz tell me suggestions,my mistakes also..

actually this is not perfect i know..


is premult necessary after channel merge/shuffle copy?


I’m in the process of getting more advanced with nuke and would like to ask a couple of questions that may get you thinking even if you’re really used to working with nuke.

I’d like to hear anyone’s answer,

I know that when you work in nuke it’s necessary to sometimes premultiply/unpremultipy.

I know that this is necessary when you need to use the over operator.
I also know that it’s recommended to unpremultiply/premultiply for color correcting.

correct me if I’m wrong

While using the channel nodes such as shuffle-copy, channel merge, do these premultiply the image or should you do a premultiply before/after merging channels or shuffling them around from different sources?

For example, you get the r,g and b channels from different sources and then copy in the alpha from another source.

Would the alpha be premultiplied at this point with the r,g, b if you had done a premult furthur up in the stream or should you do it after the merge or shuffle?

nuke on linux

Hi everybody,

I’ve been running nuke 5.1 on linux (64 bit) for a while now and am very happy with the performance except for these 2 quite annoying problems which are really holding me back to make the full switch.
I’ve been hanging on these forum’s for a while now but did’t see a thread about this.

First, does anybody who runs nuke (5.1) on linux (centos 5.2 64bit) have problems keeping the viewer on top of the DAG, i mean every time i move or adjust a node (i work in classic layout 6) the viewer disappears.

Second, the performance of framecycler is very poor on my box, it cant’t keep the sync or just freezes.
I think it might be the nvidia driver config but i tried pretty much all the settings, It could also be a caching issue since if i clear the cache it runs ok for one time but after that same problem.

Does any of this sounds fammiliar?


Riot Atlanta – Showreel

First background created

Hey Guys,

The image below is my first stab at making a matte background for an independent show. This was done using photoshop as the main program. I plan on having it animated with thunderous clouds and maybe your occasional flickering horror porch light. Hope you enjoy the image and note that this is only my first dry run.

VFX… gotta love it! 😈

Leandro Krukowski

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CG Artists wanted for UK Sword & Sorcery Feature Film

Hi There,

A new British sword and sorcery movie (a sequel to an early 80s fantasy movie) is going into production this year. We are looking for talented young CG artists for work on CG creature design, set enhancement, blue screen – in fact all the disciplines.

This is a paid job – and we are looking for up and coming talent, so don’t be put off if you are a student or early into your career. If you’ve got the talent, we want to hear from you. Please email me with a link to your work online / showreel (if possible) on

Alternatively, email and I will provide a contact address for sending showreels to.

Best regards,

Kevin Gates

Paper Animation Pt. 3

La più famosa forma artistica legata alla carta è sicuramente l’origami.
Da secoli si producono fantastiche opere con semplici fogli di carta.
Le forme che si possono costruire sono infinite, ma l’abilità tecnica si acquisisce solo con il tempo.

Il sito presenta molti video tutorials per la creazione di forme di ogni genere, e spiega anche come animare in stop motion una cicogna-origami.
Nel mondo dell’animazione le cose si fanno molto più complicate e spesso le figure diventano molto più elaborate; come nel caso dello spot diretto da Olivier Gondry per Orange che da una semplice barchetta si arriva a costruire un razzo spaziale.


Lo studio Version 2 nel 2006 produsse un fantastico video di presentazione degli sponsor dello AICP.
Questa sigla esplora diversi mondi creando sequenze fantastiche e transizioni incredibili.
Logicamente il tutto è stato creato con la computer grafica, ma l’effetto cartaceo risulta molto credibile.

Version 2

Articolo redatto da Stefano Paron

Fringe break-down

VFXHack breaks down some visual effects shots from Fringe.

Crush’s Yoho Hang Yue for World Fishing Network


Crush’s Yoho Hang Yue (reel) lent his expert comedic timing and spot-on character animation skils to the World Fishing Network for a series of chuckletastic IDs. The soothing compositions of silhouettes against warm backdrops sets up a false sense of calm that’s happily obliterated by each ID’s punchline.

Watch six of the IDs here. Visit Crush’s site.

Titles: Enormous, Tree, Speedboat, Wader, Cruiser, Motorboat
Client: World Fishing Network
Corey Russell – VP Programming, World Fishing Network

Agency: Full Ahead Productions Limited, Toronto
Creative Director/Writer: Peter Whittington

Production Company: Crush, Toronto
Director: Yoho Hang Yue
Crush Creative Directors: Yoho Hang Yue, Gary Thomas
Animation/Illustration: Yoho Hang Yue
Executive Producer: Patty Bradley
Producer: Tara Hall
Music & Sound Design: Scott Bucsis, Brass Coffee Sound, Toronto

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Crush’s Yoho Hang Yue for World Fishing Network