Skin replacement

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had some tips and advice on a skin replacement effect i’m trying to do for a university project.

In this test video I’ve used PS to cut out a part of the face, retouched the eye and then placed that as a material in C4D with camera tracking done in PFTrack.

To be honest i’ve thrown myself in the deep end and I’m looking to see if there are more productive and better ways than what i’ve been doing. As you can see the blend isn’t quite perfect as it is only one image.

While this is a test i’d like to cover the whole face with skin, like the effect in the Matrix with neo’s mouth although it doesn’t have to close.

I’ve also looked at modeling a mesh of the face and blending that in, am I on the right path? I guess it’s a mix of what is possible for me to achieve and what looks good 🙂

Cheers and what a great community!

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