Boranoo Music and Art Festival

L’ingegnosa tecnica di animazione messa in opera da Javan Ivey ha prodotto i suoi risultati!
Il promo per 2009 è l’evoluzione del primo video sperimentale My Paper Mind che l’animatore produsse completamente da solo con una tecnica chimata Stratastencil.
Ora Ghost Robot e il regista Elliot Jokelson hanno reinterpretato l’innovativa tecnica per produrre un lungo e strabiliante video.
Tutta l’animazione è stata prodotta con After Effects e poi stampata su 1336 fogli; diversi assistenti hanno ritagliato tutte le tavole che hanno composto i 20 frames per secondo dell’animazione in stop motion.
L’intera animazione è stata girata anche con le lenti stereoscopiche 3D, che sembra essere nuovo standard per le animazioni di un certo livello.

Vuoi crearti degli occhiali 3d?

Making of

Articolo redatto da Stefano Paron

multiprocessing in CS3

Hey guys this my question

when you enable multiprocessing in AE it says that in order to get better performance from
the instances of AE you need a minimum of 400mb but if you want better speed you should reduce the ram available to your main Ae instance in order to free up the space for the instances

so if you run a 3gb ram system and you have a 2core processor then the main instance of AE would be set to max ram usage which is under 3gb and the second instance would only have 400 mg available this option i understand will make it run slower

so having the main instance only use 2gb would free up a gig for the second instance and then Ae would run faster

my question is this .. i run a 4 core system with 8gb of ram
so my main instance runs at full ram cap on a 64bit system and that leaves 5 gb free
so dose that mean the other instances dont get any ram becouse my first one is set to max and AE cant acces more then 3gb or not

I allso read that every AE instance will open its on 3g of max ram so techencliy Ae would be able to utilaze more then 3gb or ram
any ways i am ranting my quesiton is on my 8gb system do i keep the use max ram on my settings and the other ae instances will use the rest of the free ram or do i need to drop it to like 2gb or somthing so the other instances work faster couse my AE is not working as fast is id like it has truble with like a DV comp somethings and i think i am just setting something up wrong

Thanks guys

Autodesk Toxik forum

Any chance we will see a Autodesk Toxik forum here ?!

Just out of curiosity…

Fox Sports Design / La Huella: Nascar Underground


Fox Sports Design and Madrid-based VFX house, La Huella, collaborate on a Nascar adventure that gives us a sweet new perspective on racing.  Great compositing and 3D work seamlessly match up the live-action to create some interesting angles and fun shots.

The live-action scenes were filmed by Fox Sports Creative Director, Mark Simmons, while La Huella’s 3D team was off and running.  “This was one of the more difficult shoots we’ve ever undertaken,” said Simmons. “Safely suspending actors 14 feet off the ground on a glass floor was a huge logistical problem.”

This whole concept really lends itself to putting the camera in some interesting viewpoints, giving us some nicely designed compositions and amusing moments (the bolts falling toward camera is a great touch).  It also makes the cars really feel like they’re the boss! Thanks for the tip, Sean.


Title: “Undergound”
Client: Fox Sports Marketing
Product: NASCAR on FOX

Agency: Fox Sports Design

EVP Marketing: Eric Markgraf
SVP/Creative Director: Robert Gottlieb
Creative Director: Mark Simmons
Live Action Director: Mark Simmons
VP On-Air Promotions: Bill Battin
Editor: Kirk Smith
Flame: Kevin Prendiville
Sound Design: Mic Brooling & Jim Mitchell
Music: “World Domination” by Ash

VFX Company: La huella FX

3D/2D Supervision
Jérôme Debève
Juan Antonio Ruiz

3D Artists
Antonio Lado
David Gonzalez
Gerardo Arpide
Miquel Angel Corominas
Vanesa Iglesias
Martin Contel
Cesar Eiji

Régis Barbey
Thiago Dantas
Ricardo Gomez

Santiago Verdugo
David Escribano
Paco Rodriguez

Marga Obrador
Paloma Fuentes

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Fox Sports Design / La Huella: Nascar Underground

Stop Bothering Me And Check Out HDRLabs

The most common question I’ve been getting around the VFX world lately is “How the hell do I shot and HDR?”. For those of you still doing visual effects on a Commodore 64, that stands for High Dynamic Range, the process of combining multiple camera exposures into a single image. Well, harass me no more VFX brethren! Professor Kirt Witte from SCAD (pictured above) has a great site called HDRI Tips and Tricks FAQ. Here’s a taste…

4 Rules of shooting HDRs

    • Lock f-stop (aperture – which controls your depth of field)
    • Lock focus
    • Lock white balance
    • Turn off any in camera “automatic” image enhancing (i.e.: auto-contrast or auto-saturation, including sharpening)

There all kinds meaty info here so enjoy, and stop bothering me.

LINK to the HDRLabs FAQ

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WIP camera tracking

this is a wip of a new shot i did the camera tracking in boujou and ill add some fire and fx i hope u like it any comment are welcom

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Hip-Hop Gets the Schofield Treatment

Keith Schofield refines his look in this brand new video for MIMS “Move”. Keith has definitely been one to watch in the last year. Recent favorites include his films for Diesel’s XXX and BPA.

Despite the over-saturation of time-based treatments of late, Move’s combination of techniques, choreography and slick photography (not to mention a pretty solid track) make it a pretty entertaining few minutes.

The evolution of Keith’s work is a good example of how far a simple idea can go. I can’t negate the fact that his executions are consistently spot on, but most of his hits seem to originate from a story that can be told in a few words. This should be an encouragement to all those out there who feel its impossible to compete with the big dogs due to a lack of technical support or an army of talent. It all starts with one person and a simple idea.

After catching up with Keith, he was gracious enough to share his treatment and an animatic with us.

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Hip-Hop Gets the Schofield Treatment

Image Spark

Image Spark allows you to upload and tag photos, plus you can also create moodboards to compile and visualize images together. They have also created a Firefox plugin and Mac app to make uploading images as easy as possible. Great idea and execution from Toronto based Teehan + Lax.

Superfad : Nascar

Gorgeous illustration and animation for Nascar from Superfad.

Best renderer

Hi there!

While comparing 3D programs the following question came up:
which 3D program do you think is the best renderer?

I’m looking at Softimage XSI, but I don’t know or it is the right choice.
Does anyone know any better render programs, or perhaps some render-only programs?

Thanks 😀