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Ok, well as I said in the last gizmo I upped Ive been working on some rough footage… here is my next fun tool i needed to make to deal with it!

One thing I noticed was that if you use F_Degrain (furnace tool) and you push it to 3 you can blur your gs image and make for an easy key with nice motion blur on really grainy footage. Then you can also export the grain instead of the degrain result and you will get a black image with nothing but grain. Render that out to an uncompressed 32-bit .exr and you can simply merge it over the degrained footage and it restores it completely. So you can key, then restore.

I’m putting this footage onto a bg plate that needs to be defocused. I was just adding a grain plate…but you can still tell that the true grain in the fg image does not truly match the fake grain in the bg image.

Regrain takes the grain as an input and the defocused BG image and adds the grain to it in a natural way….there is control for red, green, and blue, and also for how much grain passes thru dark areas in the image (since really dark areas tend to not have much grain..and black areas have no grain.) So this can be used in a couple ways. One is to just apply the original gs footage grain to the bg…so it matches perfectly…..or if you have one, get a clean green plate without your talent, get the grain plate and apply it.

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