environment reflection based on materials BRDF?


From the info I’ve gathered so far, doing environment reflection in Nuke is limited to throwing env. reflection onto all objects/whole image based on a universal BRDF (Phong or Blinn) regardless the scene objects own BRDF (ex. car’s paint, rubber tire, and chrome with varied glossy reflection).

I am wondering if it is possible to do accurate environment reflection based on materials BRDF in Nuke (as interactive as possible). For example, if its is possible to bake (or render a pass) environment reflection look-up of various materials in a scene into textures/point-cloud/Ptex or any form of data structure, then one can use it as a lookup to the environment map to get "per-material" environment reflection in Nuke? Kind of like a reflection vector pass but with the glossiness information of various materials contained for env. reflection look-up.

Hope my question makes sense and correct me if any info I mentioned is incorrect.


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