Channels and nuke



ok I thought I had the whole channels thing sorted…

I am guessing not…

Can any one point me in the direction of a good tutorial / explanation of channels in nuke in the area of creating and using these.

I know this sounds like a dumb simple question, but they seem to work in one instance and then in the same situation they will not.


I have a few people walking around, I have created a bezier for each as a garbage.

so I go ahead and create a new channel say called "guy01.garbage" from the bezier, place this after my IBK and all is good only the guy and his portion of the greenscreen is visible.

I go to work on the girl get my "girl01.garbage" place it after the new IBK for the girl and every thing disappears ???

this is killing me, I have moved on by using an "in " node and piping the bezier into that but it is not as elegant.

one other thing… is there a way to delete channels that the user has created???


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