Mystics not Wastrels

Recently conceptualized record label, Acéphale, the brainchild of Toronto based designer Rory Them Finest and former SLU label manager Patrik North (the ear behind The Teenagers, Dandi Wind, & Crystal Castles among others), has just ushered in its second release in the form of CFCF’s “You Hear Colours” (yeah– “ou”–’cause they’re Canadian, oui?). The mysterious Montrealer’s limited edition, 7″ double-a side single is a meager 500 copies pressed on white vinyl, and is accompanied by Alan Parson’s Project redux “Invitation to Love” on the flip. If the response to their first release, Salem’s “Yes I Smoke Crack EP”, was any indication, then you’d better hop real quick like on that CFCF. He, along with Acéphale and their many upcoming projects, are poised to blow up like stuff that’s, uh– really explosive or something.

Oh yeah– they’ve also released a really dreamy video for “You Hear Colours” courtesy of Dallas, TX based Tommy Boy (ya mighta seen his work on the video floating around for Telepathe’s Diamond Vampires remix). In any event, here’s the vid in all its lush glory: Click here to view the embedded video.
If you’re interested in purchasing the 7″, visit their website:

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