ObjectID vs Label

Hey people, I have a relatively quick question that calls to compare two very similar (if not the same) 3D passes, objectID and the Label pass. I am aware of how each are set up and that the label pass is really supposed to be integrated with the coverage pass for masking but, when comparing objectID and label by themselves alone, are the essentially the same output?

I always thought that objectID was inferior to label because label didn’t store AA data (which could be multiplied later by coverage). With a quick render test however, I found that the two passes had very similar results (if not exactly the same). I may have flawed somewhere in my process but I wanted to make sure, are results for label and objectID the same? I’m not looking for a long reply but they’re always appreciated. A simple "label is better with coverage" or "they’re the same" would be sufficient. Thank you for your replies in advance!

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