First Affordable DI 2k/4k/red, rendered hd dailes from 2k

If you are interested in a demo or test run please contact me for more info. I have designed and manufactured a new high speed film scanner and film recorder. we offer 2k / 4k work flows. I have designed this equipment in direct comparison to the best arri, northlight, imagica, machines etc.

I plan to bring DI’s cost down to an affordable level. It is crazy.

My Personal Di Studio includes the following

I can scan the following

b/w reversal, negative, print.

Film Transfer bay
35mm/ 16mm/ 65mm

Film recording bay
35mm intermediate stock 5242, 2242 poly

2 avid bays

2 final cut bays

picture conform bay

color grading bay

Full metal machine shop for customizing all motion picture film equipment.

If you are interested in trying to go the route of the digital intermediate, but the cost make it way over budget. Contact me for a solution

we will take you from pre-production right through to final relase print with sound.

check my website for more data, and contact info

best regards,
John Monceaux
optical camera service,inc.
818 515 4304

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