Proper way of shooting an HDRI globe

I have a relatively simple question, but it’s something I still can’t quite figure out since I’m somewhat new to the process. I’ve used a chrome ball before to gather reflection/light information for a video shot on the HVX-200 cam. I understand that the proper way of doing this is by gathering multiple exposures from two different angles (90 degrees apart).

However, because of the way the HVX was set up, the color information recorded differed quite a bit from, say, a Nikon picture I would have gotten by shooting it the proper way. So, I instead shot the globe with the HVX, and used a still frame to get the data (this also saved a ton of time). Obviously it was imported into my application quite dark as it wasn’t HDR, but by raising the levels on it, I managed to get a very good result that matched both lighting and reflections shot in the scene.

Now I realize I’m doing it the wrong way, but it seems to work. I would like to know why most people don’t just shoot the chrome balls in camera? Is this something only done on film, or is it just completely avoided altogether?

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