Newbie to Shake needing Mac & raid advice

I am still new to FCP but want to get Shake due to it’s low cost and don’t care it’s no longer being developed. I could buy the new MacPro but prefer to be mobile and have looked at a 15" MacbookPro with maxed ram and CPU. I also found a Magma PCIe expansion chassis that connects into the MBP’s express34 slot, which I can laod a raid card with a mini-SAS connection to a 4 drive ProAVIO raid and get nearly 350MBs.

My main questions are how does ProRes HQ fare against uncompressed, do I have to get an 8 core, is 4MB of ram fine, and how many layers are typical per real time edit (to help me figure how fast a raid I need). Thank you! Peter

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