OpenEXR information

Hello! I’m trying 3D out for the first time and rendering OpenEXR files out of Blender (that seems to be the only multilayer format it will export). I am testing these shots in Shake and wanted any pointers to tutorials on using this data.

I have 3 shapes set beside each other and a camera rotation around them.

I need to create depth of field within the shot. I have assigned the 5 channels RGBAZ accordingly in the FileIn Node and applied Zblur after that. I’ve adjusted all sliders but am not getting a change in the blur. All 3 objects are blurred the same amount. It’s like the Z depth is even across all 3 objects in the shot no matter what the position.

Besides playing with this shot, just making sure I understand the flies features/limitations will help. Any pointers (to tutorials/books) or tips would be great.


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