OpenEXR passes out of Maya

Hi, I’m a Nuke compositor, and I’m trying to help my 3D guys with an issue that they are having.

They are trying to render out multichannel exr’s from Mental Ray (With Zip compression),
Including basic passes; beauty, spec, AO, reflection, refraction… etc
And Custom passes; Point position pass, UV, Normals… etc
And they’re trying to do this in 2 Exr multichannel files (One left and One right – for stereo)

Now the renders themselves work, and the filenames come out right.
But the names of the passes themselves (The channelnames) either have the words left and right (Respectively) imbedded in the channelname.
Or, even worse… the channelname changes from frame to frame (Or shot to shot)
We’re trying to get a consistency between renders (Channelnames don’t change on any of the Exr’s)

Preferably, the channelnames would be the same in the file X_Left.0001exr as in the file X_Right.0001.exr.
Or if anyone knows how to imbed two camera views in one multichannel exr… that’d be great too.
If anyone could offer any help or insight, that’d be great… thanks

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