strange Alpha issue

Hi @ all!

I have a strange alpha channel problem, maybe someone can help me.

Said first, this happens both with straight AND premultiplied rendered images. We compose in 32bit float, linear blending on. But this happens also in 8bit.

I attached a jpg to show the worklfow better.

a) I imported a rendered cube from max, exr file.

b) i extremely over-exposed in AE

c) i put the original cube on top

–> jaggy and strange edges…

solution for now:

ignore the alpha channels and at the end, a re-imported cube with alpha activated cuts out the alpha channel “on top”.

But this is not a real good solution, because if the comps get bigger and bigger with lots of reflection layers and so on, there is no simple “cut out on top” solution.

Do you have any infos how to handle this strange issue right?

Like I said, detailed pic as an attachment is inside here.

Thx a lot, Dez

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