After FX treats Alpha Differently?

Hi, all. Hope you guys out there can help me out about this problem. Wether it’s just the way I comp it wrong or it’s just AE treats Alpha differently?

Most of the time I use Fusion to comp my animation works. Everytime I layer an image with alpha channel fresh from 3D package, Fusion got no problem to layer them out without me having to clean up the alpha.

But since I moved to new studio and they only use AE. I have to adapt. The problem is every time I made separate comps and one of them got alpha channel. After I layer them together, I still need to apply matte choker or simple choker to clean up the outline caused by the alpha. But If I just layer them all together in single comp, there’s no problem at all.

So can you guys help me out about this and probably got other methods to share on how to optimize things up…


cheers 🙂

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