The 5 Miserable VFX Jobs That Make Movies Possible

Just found the jem online at, read with a bit of salt but its hilarious…


So I am a visual effects (VFX) artist, putting fake things into movies with computers (often referred to as CG effects). You think you know me? You don’t know me! You know that CG makes things like Gollum and dinosaurs and pretty much everything in Avatar, but most of the CG you’ve seen in your life, you didn’t know was CG at all.

For instance, did you know that there was only one real helicopter in Black Hawk Down? Or that most movie sports stadiums are filmed completely empty, or that no buildings were harmed in the filming of the Bourne trilogy? If not, then we know we did it right. If you ever find yourself saying, "That’s a pretty cool CG effect there!", that means we fucked it up.

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