Semidentified flying object..

I did a ww2 animation a few years ago and was quite happy with the outcome. I was thinking i might come back to these techniques and see where i’ve gotten better and where the technique can be developed further.

I don’t have a strict plan yet, i know what direction I’m going in, but I’m going to take them 1 step at a time.

Starting with a jet fighter. On loan from a very generous Mike James , i have a F22 Raptor. My first stop has been to do some textures..

I’ve started with low res t maps as i don’t want to make detail that wont be seen later. I think these bad boys will be flying pretty fast.

Now I’m gonna rig everything that will be used in my animation, from the control surfaces to the thrust vectoring afterburner and weapons bays.

Then i might take her flying, to put it through it’s paces..

P.s. One question, the cannon that’s in the mid stbd fuse, where do the rounds come out?!

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