demo reel intro 08

Just working on a new demo reel intro. I’d like some opinions on it as showing it to my friends only gets a “wow, cooool” response, and no constructive comments, haha.

Here’s what i’m looking for in terms of feedback:
• Flow – Does everything seem like it flows into each other? Every different camera movement seem to smoothly transition into the other?

• Legible – Can you read any of that text in there?

• Length – Too long? Too short? Just perfect?

• Style – Do you think its a little flashy? Lame? Cool?

• Any other critiques you’d like to add are also appreciated

Known issues: At around f163, there seems to be a problem with calculating motion blur and seems to flip out for a frame. I’m working on that.

Thanks, and looking forward to any feedback on this.

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