World Crisis

Guys, it’s a hard time to be in vfx, in italy as well.
I wish you all a lot luck, i know i wish it for me and my company.
Today one of our steadier clients shut off. We weren’t paid from months ago.
We’ll make it, i’m sure, but it will be hard.
The market needs us postproductions, one way or another. I just hope client will realize that before forcing to drop the prices even more, because that’s a one way ticket. When the crisis will end, they’ll say "But you used to do that for a third of the price six months ago".
It’ up to us to modulate the quality vs time vs quantity, trying to achieve the best result we can staying always in the budget. If we start to sell ourself off now.. the thought makes me shiver a little.
Freelancers needs to be wary as well. They are the fresh air of the industry, and they play a big role as well in all of this.

Just wanted to rant a bit, sorry 🙂

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