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James Cameron’s multi Oscar-winning film Titanic will be coming at us in 3D when it gets re-released in the Spring of 2012. But is it necessary?

If you didn’t think Roland Emmerich’s disaster spectacle 2012 had enough destruction in it – and lacked a pivotal third dimension – then here’s some news you’ll be interested in. James Cameron’s Oscar-winning and box office behemoth, Titanic, will be getting a 3D re-release in the Spring of 2012.
We’ve heard rumblings for a long time that Titanic would eventually get a 3D release and more recently Cameron said the aim was to release it in spring of 2012 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the titular ship’s sinking. Now Los Angeles Times – in a piece celebrating Titanic actress Gloria Stuart’s 100th birthday – has confirmed the aim by saying that Cameron is, “converting the [COLOR=#999999 ! important][COLOR=#999999 ! important]blockbuster[/COLOR][/COLOR] into 3-D for re-release in April 2012, the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking.”

Now that we know that Titanic will be coming at us in more than two dimensions, it begs the question does it really need to be converted? Aren’t we overrun already with new 3D movies without delving more than a decade into the past and converting a film for re-release? That’s the way I look at it. However, with Titanic being the second highest-grossing [COLOR=#999999 ! important][COLOR=#999999 ! important]movie[/COLOR][/COLOR] of all time (behind Cameron’s own Avatar – he really IS the king of the world! ), I’m sure Cameron is confident it can add a lot more to its $1.8 billion gross, especially with the extra cost of 3D ticket prices.

The thing that bothers me most is not the fact that Titanic is getting a 3D re-release but that it’s being converted into 3D. Now I know that’s an inevitability – unless Cameron can utilize some of the Terminator time travel technology – but this will likely mean the crappy kind of 3D that comes from adding the extra dimension after-the-fact. Those of you unlucky enough to catch Clash of the Titans, for example, will know just how bad post-production 3D conversion can be. Yes it’s Cameron, the Avatar pioneer himself doing the converting, but still…
We’ve now gotten to the point where it’s not just new movies that are in danger thanks to the 3D craze – old movies can’t even hide under the cover of the past. Watch out Wizard of Oz…
What are your thoughts on Titanic getting a [COLOR=#999999 ! important][COLOR=#999999 ! important]3D[/COLOR][/COLOR] re-release? Up for sinking once more, this time in 3D or is this taking things too far? Sound off in the comments below.
Look for Titanic 3D in theaters sometime in April, 2012.

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