Star Trek: The Next Lens Flare Fiasco!

Ok, so I really loved the new Star Trek, the actors were perfect choices, the story was great, the characters spot on..and Nimoy….damn. But seriously is it necessary to have that much excessive rampant lens flares??? I could barely watch the movie I was so distracted by light flaring thru each and every frame of this overly posted film. If you were to shoot this film practically there would be 5 lights pointed directly at the lens at all times…..completely uncalled for….it looked like a bad student demo with high production value. And I’m sorry, Miniature ships comped properly BLOWS AWAY cg ships any day!

Great movie…SLOPPY DI.

Here’s hoping they will release a lens flare free version for the Blu-Ray….probably not tho…so I won’t be buying this one.

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