Lighting and Render Artists Wanted

Lighting and Render Artists Wanted

Specializing in animation and visual effects for television and film Acme Pictures is currently looking for a Lighting and Rendering Artists.

Responsibilities include:

l The ability to light scenes using indirect lighting as well as traditional lighting.

l Tweak materials on a per scene basis

l Communicate with compositors to set up render passes as required

l Have completed scenes ready to submit to the render farm

l Must be able to have organized scene files with our pipeline in mind.


l Demonstrated production experience with Autodesk Maya and mental ray.
l A reel is required highlighting the candidates eye for realism, attention to detail and various lighting examples.
l Candidate must have great communication skills, the ability to take direction and work closely in a team environment.
l Must be Toronto local

Acme Pictures
535 Queen Street East Suite 5
Toronto, ON
M5A 1V1

We accept links to hosted demo reels and resumes.
Please note if you send in reel and resumes the material will not be returned.

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