Compositor/Roto Artists wanted

The Dark Side of the Earth is a fantasy adventure movie in the vein of Dark Crystal, Return to Oz and Willow. Just before Christmas I shot a 4 minute pilot to help promote the project and get the whole feature off the ground. I was lucky enough to get an amazing cast and crew together and thanks to brilliant deals from Panavision and Kodak we were able to shoot 35mm anamorphic, so it looks stunning.

We’re now in need of compositors/roto artists to paint out puppeteers who are controlling a Victorian robot character which was shot live on set as a rod puppet.

Most shots are fairly straightforward but a few will be tricky and some will involve tracking some rope elements in. Some shots could also do with retiming to make swordfighting moves more dramatic and others could use dust elements.

You must have the experience and computer power to work on 2K DPX files which will ultimately be recorded back to 35mm for a screening at a London film festival in May. I expect the raw shots to be scanned and ready for you to work on by Feb 8th at the latest.

Our compositing supervisor works at one of London’s leading FX houses. We aim to get a good number of artists on board so that each person just has a few shots to concentrate on.

You can see a production photo from the main shoot, watch behind-the-scenes podcasts and generally find out more about the movie at

I’m afraid these are unpaid positions due to the self-financed nature of the project. I hope to be able to work with the same people when the full feature gets off the ground.

To apply, please send a CV and any links to your work to


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