We are two CalArts grads seeking a Visual Effects Artist who can correct two 5-second clips shot with the phantom camera for our short film Zergüt. Essentially, one of the shots is a close up of a small fruit tart exploding at 1,000 frames per second. In the shot, some of the pyrotech material used to make the tart explode is revealed a little too much. We need a savvy VFX artist to mask this for us to make the tart look like it is exploding surrounded by whiteness, without any debris from the explosives in the shot.

To get a sense of the vibe of the film, please visit our website to watch our trailer at

We need to have this done as soon as possible. Please note that because this is a not for profit, labor of love project, we are not prepared to compensate with industry rates. We do believe in paying those who work with us, but please keep in mind that this might not be very much. This is truly a fun project and hopefully a great piece for your reel.

Thanks for looking!


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