What do I do when my VFX internship ends?

Hi people!

I’m coming up on the end of my VFX internship in May. My internship is with a feature film VFX house in Hollywood. They have given me some roto work to do on a big budget project and I’ll have an imdb credit when it is all said and done. But I’m wondering what to do next? Eventually I’ll sit down and talk with my boss about it. Could you guys school me on what to expect when my internship is over? I have plenty of 3d and compositing experience, but just one real credit to my name with this internship roto work. I don’t mind entry level work at all. I just really don’t know where and what to look for jobwise.
When I’m job searching, what is the job title I should be searching for?
What is the best site to find entry level VFX in Hollywood? I can’t seem to find a solid one.
I need to formulate my next career move.

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