HELP….How much to charge????

First off, for what I’m about to ask, I know there is no specific answer. What I’m looking at is just ideas of how much something high end is priced out to do a comparison for my own pricing. I apologize if this question is in the wrong section, but it just seemed like a question like this should be asked here.

My question is, after watching award shows like the Oscars and the Grammy’s, I was wondering how much does an award show broadcast package go for? I would imagine that these packages include a show intro sequence, bumpers, nomination packages, lower-thirds, overlays, transitions, wipes and some stage elements, such as motion tiled backgrounds and the like.

Has anyone done anything of this magnitude here? How much should the price change if the event is televised (state-wide through major cable network – Viacom subsidiary)?

I know most say, "Well just charge what you’re comfortable with," but no one wants to drive off business or get underpaid by being uniformed. It would be great to say, such-and-such company got paid XYZ dollars for the grammy’s package which of course was nationally televised on a major broadcast station, so i’ll charge XYZ dollars for this project based on the scale of your audience. Something to that effect.

If I can get concrete or ballpark numbers that would be most beneficial. I’m just tired of hearing, "Just imagine what you want to make a year and divide that by how many hours you’ll think you’ll work and Voila!" I say I don’t like that because CLEARY some jobs are worth way more than others! Thanks for any help anyone can provide. I’m sure this can serve as a good reference to those finally turning their talent into $$$$.

BTW: I plan to use 3D animation, particle systems and advanced compositing techniques with After Effects and Combustion.

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