Career advice…Learn NUKE or Fusion.

I’ve read plenty of threads on here and other places about NUKE vs. Fusion. That isn’t my question as they both are good at different things I’m sure.

I’m more interested on what program should I learn? I’m enrolled at fxphd taking some classes and thinking about adding a node compositor course. Currently I’ve used AE for all my comping but I’m moving to L.A. this year and thought I need to learn a node base compositor.

It seems most people I’ve talked too recommend NUKE. As does Stu founder of The Orphanage.

I’m primarily a matchmover but as I said I’ve done some comping in AE.

What path would you guys chose? This thread is not intended to start any programing bashing so hopefully it can be handled at a professional manner.

I appreciate any responses,


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