resizing source for 3d card

hi there Nuke magicians,
this is my first post here although I’m reading through this forum for a while.

When I’ve built a complex script with more then 50 cards (PSD layers as source through Project3D node) I’ve decided that I have to scale-up (extend left, riht, up & down) my source file ’cause I need a wider shot. Now when I reload PSD layers back, they seems to be moved out of it original place (actually scaled down to fit original bbox).

I suspect it’s something connected with pivots and formats and reminds me to what would happen in 3d app (texture would conform to 0,1 uv range).
When I had a similar scenario with AE 3D layers everything worked fine when reloaded back.

Basically, what I’d like to have is everything in place on cards as originally, only extended in all 4 directions same like in PSD file.

I tried to use crop and bbox node but it wouldn’t help me.

Is there a quick fix without re-doing the whole comp from begining?
Can someone explain me the concept of format in this case, please because I’m quiet new to Nuke?


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