Reformatting proxies?

Forgive me, i am a noob at nuke, but ive worked through the manual and followed online tutorials and i still am not grasping how proxies are supposed to work in nuke.

Proxies in an editor make sense, you take a downrez’d version of your source file to edit with, and then re-link to your original files upon picturelock. But with nukes proxy system, it doesnt downrez it, it reformats it, so after you’ve created your masks for your half-sized proxy images (if half size is what you chose to be your proxy size), when you disable your proxy in project settings, the image now becomes twice the proxy size, yet your masks stay the same. Come again? After effects treats proxies just like an editor does, but creating a lower quality version, so all you have to do is disable it and everything is 100% as it should be.

Whats even more confusing is the use of reformat nodes. So forsay ive set my project’s proxy at half size, when i read in an image sequence i still must reformat it. I set what its original size and its proxy size is, and then in my reformat node i set what i want it to be. Great, but how is nuke supposed to know what the new proxy size is if there is no proxy size option in the reformat node? Does it guess based of the proxy ratio of the read node?

Yeah, im pretty lost here.

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