Nuke root vs Root ?

1. Can anyone explain to me the different of root vs Root in python?
example : to give default format to Nuke, in i have to type: nuke.knobDefault(‘Root.format’,’HD’), this Root with uppercase ‘R’ , this won’t work with lowercase ‘root’. So the ‘Root’ act like a Node name and ‘format’ is the knob.

Now if i go inside the Nuke, in script editor , if i want to change the format i have to type : nuke.toNode(‘root’)[‘format’].setValue(‘HD’). As i know the Node name should be ‘Root’ not ‘root’ but this time, ‘root’ is the one which is working , and ‘Root’ is not acceptable.

2. Also how can i get the global format setting by using python. I try these syntax with no luck :

the only way i ussually use is using nuke.tcl(‘value root.format.width’). But i’m just curious why that scripts is not working? in fact i can get value from other node using that syntax, for example : nuke.toNode(‘Text1’)[‘opacity’].value(.5) …..Can anyone help me?

3. How to lock the knob/parameter by using python script?

4. I found the nuke-python documentation is not friendly enough 🙁


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