Nuke + 3rd party python module

I am playing with doing some python in Nuke, and I want to use the 3rd party pywin32 module. Anybody get this to work and know what I need to do?

I’m making a script to take position data from a tracker, and copy it to the clipboard as After Effects 6.5 data so I can use it conveniently with another program. (Specifically, particle illusion.) I have the basic functionality of the script working as far as having it just print the data to teh console, and I manually select and copy it myself. But, as I understand it, to stick it directly onto the Windows clipboard, I’ll need to use the win32 module. I tried just downloading the pywin32 installer exe and running it while hoping for the best. But, it seems to have only installed for my stand-alone python, but python in Nuke doesn’t see it. I tried manually sticking stuff into the "site packages" folder, but that didn’t do the trick.

So, do you know how to get text onto the clipboard, or how to install a python module properly so nuke will see it? And, if anybody wants the script, I’ll post it as soon as I can make it work properly.

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