Make switch use Read’s Frame range?

I was wondering if there’s a way to make a switch automatically switch between reads according to their frame range information. I thought appendclip would work but it strips the frame range information (i.e. If I have two nodes one with a frame range of 200 to 500 and another of a frame range of 700 to 1000. Appendclip will make a new clip with the total frames combined and start at 1. So appends frame range for joining those two clips would be 1 to 600. instead of switching 1 on between frame 200 and 500 then turning both frames off till frame 700 when Read 2 would be turned on till frame 1000. You know what I mean?) Anyone know how I should do this?


p.s. Diogo I edited our thread rather than double posting now. thanks for the help.

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