LM2DV node and Reelsmart Motion Blur

I found a LM2DV motion vector in the forum and I would like to generate the motion pass from either renderman / Houdini…

can this code generate the relevant pass for the LM2DV node?

surface Motion(
float MaxDisplace = 32;
string TargetSpace = "raster";
point Pstart = transform(TargetSpace, P);
point Pend = transform(TargetSpace, P+dPdtime);

vector motion = Pend – Pstart;

setcomp(Ci,0, (xcomp(motion)/MaxDisplace+1)*0.5);
setcomp(Ci,1, (1- ycomp(motion)/MaxDisplace)*0.5); /* +y is up */
setcomp(Ci,2, 0);

Oi = 1;

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