How to make Nuke see transparency in a PNG image sequence?

I’m relatively new to using Nuke, just trying to get to grips with the workflow and node based working, but have hit upon a problem that is stopping me from experimenting and getting used to it.

Essentially, I created a particle system in 3DS Max that simulated rubble flying from the ground as if a meteor had just hit it, intending to overlay this onto a video of my street for a simple meteor crashing effect. I rendered it out and saved it as a PNG image sequence as it can store transparency. When I load it into Adobe After Effects, everything is fine – the transparency data works and it overlays perfectly. But when I load it into Nuke, it has the background image I used for reference behind every frame and no transparency at all, so I can’t overlay it onto anything.

What they look like in windows explorer (and overlay into After Effects):

What they look like when loaded into Nuke:

So is there any way I can make Nuke read them as they appear in windows explorer, or am I going to have to go back and re-render the entire sequence in some other format? And if so, any suggestions on what formats Nuke can read transparency from?

Cheers guys!

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