How to composite a luminance depth pass

Hey people! I’m a new member so go easy on me! Hahahah!

I have a question that’s been vexing me for over a month now that I can’t seem to get help on. A quick 30 minute search through the forum here with no luck.

Now for the question: I may be wrong to believe this, but my impression was that the lum depth pass is used to make objects closer up appear to "pop out" or look more detailed/apparent than objects further away.

I found many tutorials for this BUT it’s always a tutorial that explains how to use lum depth to create DOF. For me though, using this workflow is a bit redundant because I already have an animated DOF pass that moves around and changes focus intensity in the scene. To have a lum depth create a DOF over my DOF seems unnecessary to me.

So I’m not looking for a DOF-based workflow response, but rather a method that makes the objects in front "pop out" and the objects further back "sink back" into the back of the scene. I may be mistaken on how lum depth is supposed to affect an image, if so please could someone shed some light on the topic of luminance depth composition?

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