help setting up enviromental for gizmos


Sorry but im very new to Nuke , Im also having problems setting up nuke and it reading customs gizmos,

dont know what im doing wrong.

im running in a tcsh environment on my mac.

so ive got a .tcshrc file in my root that reads

setenv NUKE_PATH /Applicaions/Nuke5.1v2/
setenv NUKE_PATH /Users/patrickwong/macros/Nuke_setup/plugins
alias nuke /Applications/Nuke5.1v2/

ive made a and a menu.tcl file, they are in the folder above the gizmos, ( is this where they should sit?) But am not sure what to write in them? ie what variables to setup….

Am i correct im suppose to place the .gizmos into that folder ‘gizmos’ and then nuke will find it. I also remember hearing that im supposed to

put a

menu "Draw/Pat slate" {slate}

into the menu.tcl file.

Please Help ,



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