BG_Passthru Gizmo

Hey kiddies…im working on some really tough green screen work and as always I want easier ways to do things. One thing that has been annoying me is that the use luminance switch on the IBK Keyer is both useful and totally useless. This footage im dealing with has all sorts of issues….so i can’t get a good key just from IBK…which means I can’t use the use luminance toggle since it will pass color information thru the holes prior to adding the holdout matte… i end up with a perfect ending matte result, but either holes in the fg due to use luminance or noise in the bg because i can’t use the use luminance. So after pulling some hair out I decided to make an external version of the use luminance switch that can technically be used for any type of keyer. Easy to use and I even added an extra feature that the use luminance toggle doesnt have….an amount slider!! Before you merge the two elements plug your keyed fg element into the fg and the bg into the bg….yeah i know, really complicated! Ok, here it is, have fun!

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