Basic question about b/w mattes

I’m reading a book on basic composting and wanted to duplicate a simple matte process in Nuke. There is a background image (bricks), a foreground image (graphic for a tv show), and a simple black/white radial gradient with black as the see-thru area in the middle. All three images where made in Photoshop and output as TIFF (rgb) with no alpha channel.

The matte (a black/white (rgb) radial gradient) is merged multiplied with the background. The same matte is inverted and merged multiplied with the foreground.
The outputs of the two merge multiplied are merged over for the final image.

I achieved what I wanted but have to wonder what the NUKE solution would look like. I mean, I must be doing this the hard way. I’ve tried working with masks but could not come up with an easier method. Thank you.

Attached are the node graph and final output.

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