addKnobChanged problem – cannot grab the changed knob from gizmo

i create a gizmo and add 2 knobs -> named ‘color’ and ‘translate’. The class name of this gizmo is ‘hramp_v1’. So far so good, everything is working properly. So now i want to monitor the changes of its parameter. I use addKnobChanged(function) – this is without filtering the class. Now as i changed any parameter of any Node, i can sucessfully grab any knob which has been modified. So for example if i change parameter of my gizmo, i will get knob : ‘color’ and ‘translate’. The result seems to be no problem… perfecto

Now the next case, i want to use filtering to monitor just my gizmo node. So i modified the script by adding Class filter : addKnobChanged(function, nodeClass=’hramp_v1′). It’s confusing now… if i modify my gizmo parameter, i can’t get/grab the proper knob like before. What i got is ‘showPanel’ not ‘color’ or ‘translate’. Any knob of my gizmo that i changed, i always got this ‘showPanel’ which came from nowhere. If i remove the filtering, it’s back to normal again. i’m 1000% sure that i use the right Class name (hramp_v1).

can anyone help me ?


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