3d cam projection and uv projection


i am a noob in nuke.
but getting to understand the package slowly, currently have a basic understanding of the UI , navigation (…still working on the channels)
however the most attractive part still seems a far cry. namely – camera projection/uv projection and building/extending virtual sets using images/footages/matte paintings.
have tried looking into available materials in the internet (i mean as far as google tells me) including foundry vids. though i have a basic understanding of camera projection/ uv projection in nuke but i am still not able to work this thing for me in a real shot, cant seem to get anywhere close to what i often see in the breakdowns.:confused:
i was wondering if there are anyone out there who would be willing to share some real scripts (nuke project files) and resources on this subject in particular (ranging from intermediate to complex) so i can have a chance to have a first hand look at them.


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