Visual Result from Softbodie and Field

Hey all, I’m very new to this aspect and am experiementing with it in my own free time.

I wanted to try my hand at creating this unique effect:

Quote the creator: "The method is quite straight ahead:
Softbodies in Maya on a hi-res NURBS cylinder. Turbulence fields. X-Ray Shader with Sampler Info and ramp on transparency (you should find tutorials on how to build an X-Ray Shader). A Ramp on the color as well. Some Tweaking. Color correction in After-Effects with Hue/Saturation mostly and some colored layers."

Now, I decided to jump into my copy of maya and see if I couldn’t at least create the form. This is where my question starts. I can’t seem to get a visual representation of the turbulent field to display so I know if its working or not. Maybe the way I’m trying this is wrong, I don’t know. Some insight would be great in this.

Here’s my process so far:

•Create a Nurb cylinder
•Increase the subdivisions by a substantial amount
•With the cylinder selected I go to "Soft/Rigid Bodies" > "Create soft body"
•Then "Fields" > "Turbulence", and from here, I mess around with the various options for turbulence, but I’m not seeing any visual feedback of the results. Clearly i’m missing a step in my process, can anyone explain what I need to do to see the turbulence’s results?

Much appreciated.

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