Projection not following a moving object

I have textured a sailing boat and then floated it on an ocean. I had trouble laying out the UVs on the hull, so decided to project the texture using planar projection.
It looks great, but unfortunately when I animate the scene and render it, the projected texture does not move with the boat- it stays stationary.
I have tried setting the projection in a bounding box, and then selecting "local" under the projection "Effects" tab in the attribute editor. This does work, but only using the "Hardware Rendering". However, when I select Hardware rendering, the projection seems to follow the pattern of the UVs, which are all over the place so the whole thing looks like something a student has vomited on the pavement next to a kebab van at 3 am… If I select software rendering, the texture looks perfect, but it doesn’t move with the boat.
Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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