Ball and Socket Rig

Man, i’ve got to get this thing rigged soon. I’ve messed around with this for too long now.

Back in august of last year, I posted this:…all+socket+rig

Since then, i’ve been able to create a full set up from head to toe, but I’m STILL having problems getting the hips and shoulders to work like how I want them to.

They’re essentially ball and socket joints. I’m a compositor at heart, so doing all of this is like jumping into the deep end without my water wings. >_<

I just need some guidance in how to create a proper ball and socket rig. I heard someone quietly mention a "broken Hierarchy rig", but I can only imagine what that means.

Anyone have experience with this? If you’d like the model to mess around with and test things out with, just let me know here, and i’ll send it to you in a PM.

I essentially need the arms and legs to function with IK’s but be able to rotate around the ball joint. I’m willing to settle for a solution to that before getting tied up figuring out how to get the rotation out of the elbows like I originally wanted.

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