Lost Boys Learning – Class 4 – Title Project Showcase

After one week of orientation we dive headfirst into our first project, what better way to start learning!

The Title Project exposes our students to the challenge of taking a project from concept to completion while still operating under a very limited understanding of their new tools.

We have two weeks to design and create a personal intro ID or simulated production title shot, including organizing the necessary assets, filming any live action elements in high definition video, creating 3D assets in Maya, applying materials, choreographing action, setting up lighting, managing renders and carrying out final composites in the Foundry’s Nuke.

Our time line is specifically kept tight to keep the creative decision making process rolling while at the same time demonstrating the pressures of real world production.

Without further delay, I’m proud to present the work of Class 4’s Title project!

John Lipskie

"My initial idea involved animating small objects in a live action setting to spell out the titles and evolved into cut-out letters thrown at a wall. All the letters were hand keyframed, except the ones that bounce off. Those started out as rigid bodies simulations flung at the wall, then they were "baked out" so I could fine tune the keyframes to react more like hand thrown items."

Monica Rodriguez

"The art of Delicatessen (France, 1991) and the magic of Harry Potter (England, 2005) were my inspiration to create the mood and animation of my Title Project. I gathered props, handmade the paper for the book and filmed the live-action background. I designed 2D animation and typography in After Effects, tracked the scene in MAYA and did the final composition in NUKE where I added the rays, mood, lights and color correction."

Clifford Green

"Inspiration: The inspiration for my title project came from the "animated Pixar lamp logo", which featured a jumping lamp over a 3D text. My animation was simple; the neck of the lamp was animated to highlight the text on the foreground.

Working process: The entire project was done in 3D, I decided against using a live background as this would in my opinion jeopardize the overall feel of the final composition. I used a spot light to highlight the text; fog was added to the spot light, and the intensity of the light was animated."

Daniel Jackson

"For this project, I decided to focus on creating a 3D object in order to present my name and title. I designed a tabletop mechanical device that would be found in a workshop. As I’ve worked with mechanical and robotic design in the past, I wanted to create something in this style in 3D, incorporating clockworks and wind-up toys, albeit dark and disturbing toys. The character was originally meant to be a mechanic of sorts but the final product shows a
more edgy, film noir character."

JongJun "Danny" An

"My concept was to introduce myself with my name, featuring the "A" of my last name. To highlight the "A" I used a red color, which symbolizes passion, and uniqueness. We shot the hand over green screen, and the touching finger symbolizes communication with people. I created the floating letters in 3D, using keyframe animation."

Each student in Class 4 hit the ground running with this project and achieved their goals. For more behind the scenes photos visit our gallery. Watch for further project posts of our Telekinesis Spoon and Ghost project coming in the next few weeks.



Lost Boys Learning is North America’s only dedicated accredited visual effects school with world-class training in photo-realistic 3D for VFX and compositing for film and television. Boasting a 94% placement rate Lost Boys Learning offers a specialized 1 year Visual Effects Diploma on Vancouver Island, Canada. Our students work with the award winning VFX Supervisor and experienced mentor, Mark Benard, in a project-based learning environment, covering VFX pre-production and shooting, 3D for VFX and compositing. We are now accepting applications for our new intake starting in January or May of 2009. Please visit our website and email us for further information.

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