HOUDINI 10, what you think????

Hi guys
I saw on sidefx.com, that the SESI it’s working on the new release of Houdini, version 10.
I personally think Houdini it’s the best software ever since version 8, but one thing it’s sure, there are software that can do almost ever thing, but the goal now for the developers it’s to make it easy to use.
Houdini has a big competitor , MAYA…hehehhe, I think the only software the can compete whit Houdini its Maya, because Maya its solid, and if a company want to make an effect for a vfx shot, Maya will always be behind any software the use to make the shot…WHY???????
Simple because Maya it’s a almost complete software, while Houdini was most used on particles and dynamics, xsi on modeling, max in games …etc, Maya its used everywhere because it can do almost everything that the other software are best doing. THAT’S WHY.
And that’s why I made this post, because I am trying to tell what I think should come in the new version, and its not a tool or some thing like, I think its very simple, Houdini need to be independent……..BUT HOUDINI IS Independent…hahaha I am not making any sense here, but listen:
many people say’s that they don’t like Houdini because Houdini its difficult to learn compared to Maya, but I think its not like that because each software as its own function…
HOUDINI it’s very powerful doing all stuff you can imagine in cg….but on the right hands….MAKING SENCE NOW
I heard Maya it’s the best 3d tool for starting artists because it has a lot of tutorials for beginners and it’s easy to learn, I think Houdini it’s not a tool for starting
vfx artists I think its a tool made for Technical Directors And Vfx Developers….
That’s why I think Houdini can do everything but on the right hands, but Maya, can do lots of stuff in the hands of a simple beginner. I start using Houdini in 2008 but right now I don’t think I am good at character animation but I think I am good at particles and dynamics, but trust me a guy that use Maya, after 1 year of use , knows professional techniques of character animation, and also dynamics and particles( one of them its a friend of mine if you don’t believe, its AFTERMOONWALKER here on VfxTalk) ….WHY??????
Because Houdini was designed to do blockbuster visual effects, the thing that Maya cant do, but again, you need a technical director on you team to do that blockbuster vfx …….
That’s why I made this post to tell the guys at SESI, that I think the should work most on the tools that make Houdini rely on Maya or vice versa. In movies that have a really difficult character animation like HULK (2008) ,because its too expensive, I mean really expensive to pay a Houdini technical director , they call a normal guy from Maya , that can get the job done, then , Maya its already on the pipeline!!!!!
That’s why I think you guys at SESI should fill those spaces on Houdini that make it rely on other software to complete a shot, I think Houdini should be a tool that can live by it self on the hands of a normal artist.
When I start using it I did though that I must have a back up software to use as a character rigger and animator, and that’s what I think that 50% of the guys that start using Houdini are afraid of, “character animation”…….I think you guys at SIDE FX SOFTWARE, should improve it on those places………
But I love the new stuff you guys are working on…. I saw some images at sidefx.com the really showed me that you guys are working , and love your web site because you guys give free tutorials , have a nice forum were ever one its trying to help ,etc…. and the most important , you think about the users…
Hope I was self explanatory.
And please people post what you thing it would be good to came whit Houdini 10……share your imagination.
Sorry the bad English

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