What’s your hard drive setup?

I was just wondering how people have setup their hard drives.
I just got my hands on 4 identical Samsung drives and want to experiment them.

So if you guys would list your drives, to what mounting points there connected and what you use them for and why. This will be a great help to people who just found out that hd’s are one of the biggest bottlenecks in a comper’s system.

To kick off here’s mine:
1 IDE Western Digital Drive, 320 GB, 16 MB Cache.
Contains root partition and a 4GB Swap partition.

4 SATA Samsung drives, 320 GB, 16 MB Cache.
Setup in RAID 10 for my /home directory where i have everything including a cache folder for Shake and Nuke.

btw i’m running Arch Linux 64 bit on a quadcore intel Q6600 with 8 GB ram.

looking forward to your entries.


EDIT: it might also be interesting to see which filesystems you’re using. I’m using ReiserFS on root and EXT4 on my RAID 10

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