Mac Graphics Card Upgrade Question

I have a MacPro 3,1 with a geforce 8800GT in it…the card is starting to show its age. The only upgrade cards Apple has available is the GT120 which is worse than what I have, the ATI 5770 which is a lot better, and the ATI 5870 which is a LOT LOT better.

Anyone have any of these cards that could make an informed suggestion…or maybe even someone that knows of a PC card that works amazingly in a Mac? I have read that the ATI 6970 will run on Bootcamp but not on Mac side….so that would be great to have the added support in Windows…but I really want the power Mac side too…but the 5870 is a 2 year old card and at this point pretty outdated.

Also if anyone knows of a way to force Mac to work with a better card, like the 6970 or preferably an Nvidia card I am all ears!

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