Masayoshi Nakamura

We received an email this morning regarding a clever video that Masayoshi Nakamura and Magico Nakamura created for the Adobe Records video competition. What I like about this video is that the Nakamura’s took a simple idea, added the slightest twist to it and were able to create something that is clever and visually appealing without being over the top. In a way it reminds me of D.A.N.C.E. in its controlled merger of film and animation to create something that is able to be very engaging without relying on excess to entertain.

Perhaps this video could be in the quickies, but researching a little deeper I found that we have somehow never shown the spotlight on Masa Nakamura’s work. Masa is a multidisciplinary designer and animator who doesn’t pigeon hole himself into a single approach to solving his creative problems. Whether it be traditional 2d graphics, stop motion puppetry or painting on glass, Masa is willing to explore any medium necessary to get his message across.

Oh and if anyone is interested in the Adobe Records competition that this was an entry for click here. The site is all in Japanese, but basically it seems that Adobe has created their own label and have opened up this competition which has different categories including album jacket design, photography, interactive design, and music clips. In the end adobe is going to put out different compilations that will feature the winner of each category.

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